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Get everyone involved in the meeting

ClickShare in actionClickShare is Barco's wireless presentation and collaboration system, that allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen. 

An unmatched user experience

At the click of a button, the content of your laptop, tablet or smartphone is displayed on the large screen. The result is that all participants are involved more intensely in the decision-making process. Coupling extreme simplicity with an unmatched user experience, everybody who has used ClickShare is immediately hooked.

So How Does It Work?

The Barco ClickShare CS-100 is a stand-alone model with an HDMI output, that allows up to 8 users to connect and, with one user sharing at a time. The ClickShare CS100 comes with a Base unit and 1 ClickShare Button 
The Barco ClickShare CSE-200 comes with Base unit, 2 ClickShare Buttons and inbuilt Apple Airplay functionality. It allows up to 2 users to share content simultaneously in a split screen setup.

The ClickShare Conference (CSC-1) comes with Base unit, ClickShare Button Storage unit and 4 ClickShare buttons as well as Apple Airplay and Android Mirror Op functionality. The Base Unit features the ability to display on 2 screens simultaneously, show 4 different sources on screen, and enjoy synchronized audio/video. Combined with some additional innovations, this Base Unit gives users the premium ClickShare experience. Optional additional buttons can be purchased separately.

The ClickShare Base unit..

Whether using the CS-100, CSE-200 or CSC-1 version the principle is the same. The Base unit (requires a power connection) connects via HDMI (CS-100 / CSE-200), DVI or DisplayPort (CSC-1) to your projector or large format display screen and receives the wireless transmission from the click share button.

The ClickShare Button..

The ClickShare button is a USB powered device, connect the device to an available port on your laptop and the button will configure itself for set up. This takes no longer than 45 seconds. During this time the clickshare button ring will flash white. Once ready the white light will turn solid letting you know your good to present. Click the button once, the white light turns red to notify you you are now presenting and the image is instantly transferred to your meeting room projector or LFD screen.

To ensure your content is displayed on the right screen, every ClickShare button is paired with a ClickShare Base unit. Pairing is quick and simple.

Unlike connecting an external display to your laptop, connecting a ClickShare button does not change your screen resolution. Instead the ClickShare passes the native resolution of your laptop screen, PC or Mac (up to a maximum 1920 x 1080 via HDMI on CS-100, 1920 x 1200 on CSE-200 and 3840 x 2160 via DisplayPort on CSC-1 base unit) to the screen. To ensure consistent performance, image quality and stable wireless connection, the ClickShare system uses both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz frequency.

Bring your own device..

As tablets and smartphones have made their entry into meeting rooms, business data is no longer restricted to laptops. In this bring your own device (BYOD) spirit, Barco developed an app for iOS and Android, expanding meeting effectiveness to mobile devices.

The app allows you to share static content, including PDF files, pictures and screenshots. On iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), you can even share your Microsoft Office documents.